About Us
20 Years of Excellent Service
Mercy Ambulance Service was acquired in 1996 by the Lewis family, and has grown over the years from the initial eleven employees to approximately 60 employees in 2016.
Over the years, the motto “Caring for your family as you would” has always been the core concept in patient satisfaction. Patient care continues to meet and exceed the standards of care across the nation, and at Mercy Ambulance Service we strive to be the best. This is portrayed though our employees, our appearance, our attitudes, our ambulances, our equipment, and the level of care that is provided.
Jay and Vickie understand that while they can’t be on every call to show their compassion and concerns to the patients and their families, that the employees of Mercy Ambulance Service portray the exceptional morals and ethics that the patients and families have grown to trust from Mercy Ambulance Service over the years.
Mercy Ambulance Service is committed to its employees, striving to retain career EMS professionals for the future, by ensuring the relevant needs of its employees are met through competitive wages, paid vacations, and understanding the needs of continuing education.